Blossoms of Spring



Soon it will be that the flowers we’ll see;

And the meadow’s will welcome new life.

No longer in wait, crocus’s start to uncover,

to display a purple brigade, in hue, along valley, hillside.

Wild lilies sober, astute, stand nearest the crocus in salute,

on lowly hill or lengthily plain.

Gangling, they nod their heads, with little less than tall,

thin, stems to hold their weight.

In this, the white petaled daisies shew the same.

Thereby butterflies fluttering by, wings freed by wind and sky,

envelope there-in the signs of life.

Trefoil clover’s, purple, yellow or white,

spread out along the open fields.

Tiny yet tough – their regrowth is effortless.

These invite what wishful thinking brings…

such as sunlight dancing along a stream…

only stopping to touch all with a haloed glow…

In spring, so many yellow’s display in natural way’s.

Such as the Charlock, buttercup’s, hawkweed

meander-in through fields of green.

And bluebonnets par with lupine – cornflower.

To be discovered in the early morning hours,

only to ponder their intricacy.

As these and many other herbs and flora

push through the once hardened earth,

buds bloom with the sun’s ray’s and warmer day’s.

This proving nature’s way to revive.

Ah, such is spring!

This is what we long for;

what we eagerly anticipate – await,

for all thing’s glorious to embrace!


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