Clickety Clack trains go past (children)


train photo



I see a train go down the track.

Train’s go fast along the rails.

To deliver and pick up loads along the trails.


Clickety Clack Clickety Clack


A big, red, cabin is the first to see.

The engineer waves to me.


Inside a motor powers the train.

So that grain, coal and box cars are delivered again.


Chugga Chugga Toot Toot

Clickety Clack Clickety Clack

Cling Clang Cling Clang


Trains make a lot of noise.

Sometimes box cars are full of toys.


Chugga Chugga, now, inline are five, orange, box cars.

Inside, the grain stays dry if it rains.


Chugga Chugga Toot Toot

Some black tank cars full of coal

shake off soot and make the brown ground black.


Oh, look!

Now, what do I see?

A cattle car rattles on past.

Those cows must find the scenery pretty.

While they pass through the city.


Clickety Clack Cling Clang,

A big ship loads fish onto the train.

That train will travel far again.


I hear a cluck and I hear a coo.

As if those cows had nothing to do.

Next to them chickens bock and stew.

Clickety clack Clickety Clack

Hope this train will soon be back.


Colors of Autumn (child’s Poem)





I see a leaf.

Orange and green.

Autumn gleams!


I see a tree.

All in red.

Red as the barn shed.


I see pumpkins.

Many orange pumpkins.

In field’s with bumpkins.


I see a wheelbarrow.

Full of red apples.

Wonder, can we sample?


I see poppies.

Orange and red poppies.

Wind blown and toppy.


I see an acorn.

Brown as can be.

Fallen from a tree.


I see squash.

Yellow by fall.

Edible for all.

Let’s go Higher



I lift my wings.

I spread them wide.

From mountain peaks I reach the sky…


Fly eagle Fly !!


It’s just me. My kite and I.

With a breeze kites glide easily.

Away it goes – away up high.


Fly star-kite fly !


I sail my boat.

It flows with the sea.

Dolphins glide along-side me.


Sail sail-boat sail !


The day has ended; it’s now twilight.

Many candle-lanterns are released to the sky.

Oh, how the world’s seems bright.


Fly lanterns fly !


(clip-art photo)

My Colorful World



I have alligators in my soup.

One is pink and one is blue.

Add them up and it makes two.


One plus one equals two.


I have socks. One pair I have.

And these socks make me glad.

Because they have orange polka dots.

Many, many orange polka dots cover my yellow socks!


Yellow sun you are just one.

One of many things I see.

Like the deep – deep blue sea.

Or a cat that follows me.


This cat, Calico, is so stripy.

A stripy orange and black!

Now he follows me to the back.

The back yard is where I play.


On my slide I zoom DOWN fast.

But on my swing I fly UP high.

UP I go to touch the sky!

With my yellow and orange polka dot socks!


While I swing I spot my orange trampoline.

And a pool that’s round and cool.

It cools me down when I’m hot.

Because in summer my body sweats.


“See this?!”

“My pool has fish.”


One is red. And one is brown.

One is just a silly clown.

They can jump THROUGH round hoops.

Then swim past green reeds.

All the fish swim freely!


Summer is fun. I sweat in the sun.

And I run, run – run – run.

Will I run out of fun?

Sometimes I have to rest.

At quiet-times I color my best.


Dog’s – Various Sweeties



Foxy and Baby (a child’s poem)


The wind blows in her hair.

She’s like a tiny teddy bear.




Caramel, cream a petticoat.

She’s soft, young n friendly.




Her mom, she’s a bit taller.

When they drop by I say Hi! 




A spring teddy bear, this little one is, walking in the breeze!

(((Her name is Foxy because her face is shaped like a fox)))


Our Younger Years


Do we ever let go of our childhood’s?

Those sacred moments when we were kids.

The melting together of family, friends, community.

The times when we were young.

My brothers, sister, close kin, were as one.

Our mom served to keep the peace.

She tried her best with the little she had.

Thus weavers wheel, still, kept us fed.

Fun day’s were easy found under the sun.

The grass was tall. The trees were high.

The forts were planned a-fore our eyes.

The skies were blue.

Animals loving and true.

Thus, we recall our younger years –

you and I.

Puffy Fluffy the hamster


Today I was up well before sunrise.

Buffy was hoping to get out and was chewing on his cage.

This time the pictures I took of him turned out.

(not exactly a professional photographer.)100_1024

And I offered him a large cracker rather than him smuggling a couple.

Who knew they’d eat those.

And I let him run free in our, mobile home.

I was look-n everywhere for him and later, once my son was up, discovered he was where he should be.

After his gallivant he made his own way back to his cage!


personal photos

Just Like That



Just a sphere full of mass.

Just a chasm in the wall.

Just a baby known for colic.

Just a child known to fall.

Just a teen with time to glean.

Just a youth finding purpose.

Just a blanket covering fears.

Just a parent simulating words.

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