Merry Christmas mousy!

mousy christmas


Bring in the yuletide.
Let the bells ring.
Here comes mousy.
He’s eating orange cheese.
There’s lots to go around.
He shares with his friends.

They’re here together.
Kept warm by the fire.
Brown logs rest by the hearth.
The snow is falling.
Everything blankets in white.
The mice aren’t complaining.
They’re inside.

Where’s the Christmas decorations?
Let’s trim the tree.
Late at night.
The tree awakes.
Lit by all these colorful lights.
Red and green.
Yellow, orange, pink.
They can blink different tunes.
The house lights, outside, are in blue.

Where’s the vacuum?
Let’s clean up any mess.
It’s getting late.
And time for bed.
Night – Night.

Turn on your night light.
Bundle under the covers.
Till morn-n light you’ll stay warm n snug.
Christmas is almost here.
Keep counting down the days.
Just ten more sleeps.
One – two – three – four – five.
Six – seven – eight – nine – ten.


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